Our Adoption Story Part 15--Our interview before Court

This is part 15 of our adoption story.  I am only about one-third of the way through the story.  If you'd like to read about how God brought Rebekah home to us, go back and start with Part 1 and meet me back here each day as I tell a little more of God's amazing story in blessing us with our daughter. 

In order to begin applying to adopt Deer we needed permission from the Chiang Mai Juvenile Court, because she was not residing in an adoption orphanage.  In order to get permission from the court we had to first be allowed in court.  In order to be allowed in court we had to first be interviewed by a court-appointed social worker.  Following the Starbucks Summit, Mark, Hannah, Deer, and I, along with Deer's Grandma and half-sister, as well as our lawyer, a friend who was a translator, and a driver, went to the Chiang Mai Juvenile Court House for our interview.

Mark, Grandma, Deer, and I each had to be interviewed alone.  I don't know what they asked Deer and Grandma but they wanted to really understand how Mark and I knew Deer and why we wanted to adopt her.  This interview was the first of many in which the interviewer was mystified as to why we would want to adopt another child when we already had three.

"Because Jesus died on the cross to adopt us and because God called us to be Deer's mommy and daddy," wasn't exactly the answer they were looking for.  We did our best to articulate our love for her and our deep desire to give her the best life possible.

Apparently, our answers, Grandma's answers, and Deer's answers were satisfactory.  Several days after the interview our lawyer reported that we would be allowed an audience with the judges of the court.  Before planning our next trip for the court date we finished this one well.  We were thankful to have two make-it-or-break-it moments behind us.  Thank you, Lord!

Mark walking Hannah while we waited for hours for our interview.  
Rebekah taking a turn keeping 13-month old Hannah happy in the blazing heat while we waited. 
The court had a beautiful lotus pond.
While we were waiting Rebekah and Grandma had a chance to chat.  
Here's our lawyer, Rebekah, translator, Grandma, Deer's half-sister, and Mark. 
We went out for fish afterwards to celebrate.  Ew.  After seeing this picture, Rebekah said, "I like the fish eyes.  They are yummy!"

We also went to the zoo that afternoon, wanting to provide Deer's family with a few memories of Chiang Mai.  
This is in our friend's guest room where we stayed.  Rebekah and Mark played Uno there, with Rebekah under the covers because the AC was too cold for her! 
I love these smiles!!  It's like Hannah is saying, "I can't believe it!  I am going to have a Thai sister!" 
Thailand has gorgeous flowers.  I couldn't resist. 
We did a lot of puzzles too.  Uno and puzzles go a long way when you don't speak each other's language. 
Happy family.