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Since we are missionaries here in Okinawa we rely on the prayers and support of the people of God who feel called to invest in the Kingdom through our ministry.  We try to keep those who are interested updated via email and snail mail updates.  I am copying our latest email update below.  If you didn't get it, but would like to be on the email list, please let me know.  Also, we sent out a snail mail letter at Easter.  If you didn't get that, but would like to be added to our snail mail list, please let me know. Thanks so much for praying for us and visiting my blog!!

Dear Teammates, 

We pray you are well and had a great Easter!  Did you get our Easter letter in the mail?  If not, please let me know so I can add you to our mailing list.
Today we wanted to share a brief story with you that exemplifies what the  Lord often does in the lives of military men and women who move to Okinawa.
Drew (in the Air Force) and his wife Cassandra moved to Okinawa five years ago.  At the time they did not know Christ.  Through our ministry on base (the chapel) and off base (the Harbor) God pursued them with HIs relentless grace.  Within months they both were sweetly rescued by God, whom they began to treasure.  Drew and Cassandra grew like weeds, they became leaders here, and began ministering to others.  As we discipled them, they discipled others.  Last month, Drew was diagnosed with Melanoma.  They are now in Hawaii so he can receive radiation and they will be moving to the US for a year of chemotherapy.  We are indeed sad to see them leave and we mourn this trial.  But, Drew and Cassandra are firmly in the Lord's hands and they are actually walking in joy through this valley as they see God use it to strengthen them, purify them, and reveal Himself to others.  They are living out John Piper's message, "Don't Waste Your Cancer" (found here:
We praise God for redeeming them here, growing them here, and sending them out from here to declare His goodness, even in their trial.  We are humbled to be on the sidelines praying for them and praising Him who holds everything together.

This is my women's leadership team.  Cassandra is top right.  I call her as my stunt double, because she has stood in for me so well whenever necessary.  We did ministry together daily and I will miss her!

Last year Mark took several former Harbor leaders to a conference, along with Drew (second from left).  Drew has been ministry-focused for years and is using his cancer for God's glory.  He, too, was a great encouragement to Mark and will be missed by this community.

Thank you, friends, for praying for us and supporting us as we share Christ with the military here.  Your involvement in this ministry has multiplied disciples.  We cannot thank you enough for your investment in eternity, through the Harbor!
With gratitude and affection in Christ,
Mark, Jen, Rebekah, Zoe, Abby Grace, and Hannah Oshman
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