Changes by Abby Oshman

Not everyone reading this would know what is going on in my life. I can explain to you one thing very shortly though: I know what the word “changes” really means. You could ask me and I would know through and through. I’m not a dictionary with full definitions and fancy words all stacked up in my brain. I don’t even know the meaning of a lot of words in the dictionary. I’m just a 5th grader who has a lot of changes in my life. 

    Until two months ago we lived in the Czech Republic. Our first big move was there. We lived in Japan before moving to the Czech Republic. I think you can see why living in America is a big change for me. Our second big move just happened a couple of months ago. 

    We lived in the Czech Republic for two years. About a year and a half into living there, my mom got a call from the government telling her that her dad wasn’t well. We lived a continent away from him so we didn’t know anything was wrong until that call. The people who called us told us that my mom should become my grandpa’s legal guardian. We visited here in America and we could tell that something was wrong with my grandpa. After we went back to the Czech Republic things with my grandpa started going a little down-hill. 

    The doctors diagnosed him with a disease called Alzheimers. Basically he forgets everything about every five minutes. When you talk to him you can pretty much tell if it’s one of those days. Every day he forgets something but some days with him can be tough because he simply doesn’t want to agree with you. One day he can be talking to me, my parents, or my siblings and he will tell you he knows that something is wrong with the way he thinks. Other days he’ll tell you he’s not retired (he is), and won’t believe you if you tell him any truth he doesn’t want to believe. 

    Like I said things got kind of interesting after we went back to the Czech Republic. A couple of months ago we realized that things with my grandpa were worsening and that we needed to move back so we could be close to him and help him understand were he is and stuff like that, seeing as he forgets so fast. So, that was my second big move. It’s pretty hard sometimes to be on a continent that none of my friends from Japan or the Czech Republic are.

    I can e-mail them and text them and stuff like that. But, if anyone reading this has ever moved far away from your friends you know what it feels like to not see them every day at school or be able to hang-out after school. I mean now today it is pretty amazing being able to have phones and computers that let us see our friends by just hitting an app called Face-time. These things I don’t take for granted at all. 

    After all that has happened in my life I know one thing for sure. The small changes and the big changes all happen for a reason. We can’t see the future and I’m glad that I can’t. My life so far has been an amazing adventure full of highs and lows. If I knew why some things happened it would take the excitement and wonderfulness out of it. Even when I worry about tomorrow or months from tomorrow I shouldn’t be worried because this life is too short to worry about the future. 

Now we live close to our cousins we have many fun filled days with them!

Now we live close to our cousins we have many fun filled days with them!