Chiveis trilogy

Mark's #46 - The Kingdom by Bryan Litfin (444 pages)

This is the third book in the Chiveis Trilogy (The Sword and The Gift are the other two books).    I really wanted to like this book, since I was a big fan of the first book in the series (it made my top ten list in 2010), but unfortunately, I was disappointed. Teo and Ana finally return to their homeland of Chiveis to bring them the Bible and Christianity.  The author's portrayal of the rebirth of Christianity is cringeworthy.  Do you really think if Christianity disappeared and reappeared 500 years later in a medieval version of earth (civilization has been setback by nuclear winter), that it would take shape and form like the Roman Catholic Church?  Apparently this author, who also happens to be a professor at Moody Bible Institute thinks so... There's even a pope, referred to as "the Papa" - which made me roll my eyes every time I read it.

Beyond the ecclessiolgy, the storyline was often hard to follow... the plot twists were often bizarre (i.e., "Oh no, the two lovers Teo and Ana might actually be brother and sister! ... what!?... they're not, but still, it was dumb).  Then at the culmination of the book the Kingdom of Chiveis (in Switzerland), embraces Christianity and officially sponsors it... because state sponsored churches have worked out so well for the state and the church in history...

I highly recommend the first book... I cannot recommend the last two.