JRF's #15 - Indescribable by Louie Giglio and Matt Redman


Anyone who knows Louie Giglio knows what this book is about.  And you know your soul will be blessed by reading it.  Indescribable is Giglio and Redman doing what they do best.  Leading us in worship of our Great Savior and Creator by pointing us to His marvelous creation that screams His praise.

I learned a lot about astronomy from this book.  I even friended the Hubble Space Telescope on Facebook as a result.  So I can recommend it on the basis of its accessible and well researched astronomical information.  But infinitely more important is how Giglio and Redman use that information to stoke worship and wonder in the hearts of those who seek to worship the Creator and not the creation.

Read this book and get lost in wonder at our Beautiful Lord who creates and sustains galaxies with His words.

"Your greatest glory is not a great you, but you radiating more of His great light."  - LG


p.s. I got this book for free on the Kindle (yes I have a Kindle now).  The free part was great but took away a lot from the experience as there are full page pictures every few pages which the Kindle screen just didn't do justice to.  This is one to get in print.