Sokreaksa S- Himm

Mark's #36 - The Tears of My Soul by Sokreaksa S. Himm

As Ron mentioned in his review of this book, this book served to prepare me and the Cambodia Harbor Mission Team to think about the recent brutal history of Cambodia, the problem of evil, as well as the power of the gospel to bring healing and forgiveness.  I'm grateful for having read the book before going to Cambodia and visiting the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields. I appreciated the way Reaksa did not offer up trite and trivial answers to the problem of evil or the difficulty of forgiveness.  Here is a man who experienced and witnessed some of the pinnacle expressions of human evil. As such, his emotional and psychological wounds run deep... Yet, this is also the story about how the gospel of Christ runs deeper still.  Having been transformed by grace, Reaksa is now a pastor preaching the good news of Christ in Cambodia.