hunger games

Mark's #29 & 30 - Catching Fire and Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

After reading the first book, Hunger Games, I was sufficiently compelled by author Suzanne Collins to find out what the fate of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and all of Panem would be.

I am lumping these two books together, because frankly, the second book hardly warrants it's own review.  As is the problem sometimes with trilogies, the second book serves as more of a filler and bridge to the finale.  As such, the first half of the second book was, in a word, awful.  Way too much backstory, and way too much love triangle going on... Perhaps this was to keep the female readers engaged in the relationship drama, but I was just irritated.

The second half  of the second book did grab my attention and made the book readable once again.   Collins has a way of leading and engaging the reader... when she wants to.  Rather then living out their lives as 'victors' of the games, the next year's games features a twist so that past 'victors' once again have to compete, now with each other..

In the final book, Collins is once again at her best with plot twists that are difficult to anticipate, yet thoroughly engaging.  Now a part of the once believed destroyed 'District 13', Katniss and others lead the charge of rebels to take down the Capital... The question lingers, however, will the leaders from 'District 13' be any better than those of the Capital?