Mark's #22 - The Case For Life by Scott Klusendorf

If you are a follower of Christ, you must get your head out of the cultural sand, read this book, and begin to use your voice in the public market place of ideas and dialogue regarding the cause of countless millions of murdered, unborn humans.

Scott Klusendorf, president of the Life Training Institute, presents a very compelling, thoughtful, and sound argument on behalf of the unborn humanity for their right to life.  One does not need to hold to a Christian worldview to understand and embrace the majority of the scientific and philosophical arguments Scott puts forward.

As a pastor, I thought I was pretty clued in already to the tragedy of abortion and the cause of the pro-life movement.  Having read this book, I realized, I hadn't a clue.  Few books move me to such indignation (against abortion) and passion to fight for those who have no voice in our culture of murder for the sake of convenience, greed, and ignorance.

In part one, Klusendorf gets to the heart of the issue, "what is the unborn?"  Are they human or not?  If they are not human, then abortion is, as abortion-choice people argue, 'morally neutral'.  However, if they are human, it is reprehensible to try to justify the murder of countless millions of people created in the image of God.  Here Klusendorf shows from even the most basic scientific level, that human embryos are in fact - human beings. They are not merely a 'clump of cells', they are humans at the exact level of development and location where all of us once were as humans. Using the acronym SLED, the author shows that regardless of Size, Level of development, Environment, and Degree of dependency, the unborn human is still 100% human.

In part two, Klusendorf demonstrates that contrary to what abortion-choice advocates claim, they are neither morally neutral or tolerant when it comes to this issue.  Here he calls Christians to understand God's will regarding this issue, and rise to the occasion to put forth compelling and persuasive arguments.

In part three, Klusendorf does an excellent job confronting the most common abortion-choice argument, such as:

  • The Coat Hanger Objection: "Women Will Die from Illegal Abortions"
  • The Tolerance Objection: "You Shouldn't Force Your Views on Others"
  • The Single Issue Objection: "Pro-Lifers Should Broaden Their Focus"
  • The Hard Cases Objection: "Rape Justifies Abortion"
  • The "I Don't Like You" Objection: "Men Can't Get Pregnant" and Other Personal Attacks
  • The Bodily Autonomy Objection: "It's My Body, I'll Decide"

If you've encountered any of these objections (or others), or believe any of these objections, you owe it to yourself to read this book and be equipped.

Throughout the book, Klusendorf constantly points people back to the gospel to give them both grace and truth. There is hope and forgiveness before God through Christ for those who have aborted (and for all sinners).

As I was reading this book I realized that the pro-life arguments are so fundamentally solid, while at the same time the abortion-choice arguments are so fundamentally flawed, that if Christians, or people with simply a moral conscience would take the time to read, be equipped, and engage the culture, then this holocaust of the unborn could one day come to an end... it happened with slavery (many of the same arguments by the way), why can't it happen for the unborn?

Get equipped, and get involved... as a person who has been granted the right to life, you have a moral obligation to do so.

This Is Abortion Video from Steve Weimar on Vimeo.