Piano and Puppy

We've had an eventful two days!  Yesterday the girls were in their first piano recital on a stage and in front of a large crowd.  Despite their 2 1/2 months off while we were in the States, they all managed to do a great job.  Mark and I were very proud of their performances and thankful they had a positive experience.  Here are brief videos of their performances (mainly for the grandparents to enjoy!).

First up was sweet Abby Grace who was so nervous she was unable to introduce herself.  After her teacher told the crowd her name, age, and song titles, she bravely played two songs.  Abby was the youngest student/performer of the day.

Next was Zoe who approached the stage with great poise and played beautifully.

And finally Rebekah who doesn't love being the center of attention did a perfect job.  She has learned to play the piano quickly (as she has everything else!).

Onto the puppy part of this post.  Meet Coco--our new chocolate lab.

If you want to see four little girls giggle with huge delight watch this video of Mark bringing the new puppy in the door.  The girls didn't know he was bringing a dog home (neither did I!) so we were all very surprised.

Mark, as you may know, is a perpetual window shopper.  We have been window shopping for a dog for almost our entire marriage.  I truly didn't expect today to be the day that he pulled the trigger on dog ownership.  I'm so glad he did, though.  Coco (I think that'll be her name) is very sweet and already a huge blessing and addition to our home.  Here are a few more shots from our first day with this sweet pup.