Photo Album of Recent Oshman Outings

The girls and I went to a Japanese tea ceremony.  First we were served this little sweet treat made from cherry blossoms.

The we received this very thick green tea, which was super caffeinated and not too tasty.  We downed it, though, and then couldn't sit still. 

Here are some of the other children on the field trip. 

Here are the girls and some of their dear friends in our backyard.  Each Thursday we get together with a family who has two girls (ages 11 and 14) and one new little boy (age 1).  We're both homeschooling and adoptive families, so we really enjoy our regular get togethers. 

We had the above girlfriends over for a sleepover and Abby Grace helped me make personal pizzas for everyone. 
 Hannah talked the girls into painting her nails in the bathroom. 


 This was Piper's first swim in the ocean about a month ago.

We have such a cute dog. 

GOTCHA DAY!  This was an incredibly important day for our family--one year with Rebekah in the Oshman family.  We celebrated in many ways.  First we went to KFC for lunch, because we went to KFC the very day we brought her home from the Im Jai House.  We figure we'll always have a KFC near us in Asia or the US, so it'll be our Gotcha Day tradition. The Colonel was happy to see us. 

 After lunch we went home and enjoyed the sunshine by reading outside in the backyard. 
 Just wanted to include this: the gifts Abby Grace found around the yard and presented to me.  I am adorned with no less than 5 such gifts each day from Abby.  Sweet girl. 

For dinner we enjoyed Sushi at Yoshi's, our favorite restaurant. 

Then we came home, rearranged the living room into a theater and watched "Megamind."

The girls are in Art Class every week now.  They're learning to draw.  Rebekah has a lot of talent in this area.  I'll scan and post some of her drawings soon. 
 Our Japanese neighbor, Miyagi-San, brought the girls fun treats on March 3rd, which is Girls' Day in Japan. 
 We went to a Japanese-American wedding recently and this portrait of the bride and groom was in front of the church.  I had the kids pose with it since we weren't likely to get a shot with the actual bride and groom. :) 
 This is scary and I can't believe I am even posting it.  We had a pirate-themed murder mystery dinner here at the Harbor to raise money for the Im Jai House.  Mark was "Captain Red Beard."  I was a mere kitchen wench. 

Cuties Zoe and Rebekah helped too. 
 Our good friends, the Coias, have a new son!  His name is Hudson and my kids are his biggest fans. 

We used to call the Coia's house a "spa" but now they have a one-year-old. 

A recent trip to the aquarium, which we visit about every other month.  The kids love to handle the starfish and sea cucumbers. 

Rebekah is a puzzle queen!
 At Kristie's baby shower for Hudson. 

 Family Mart is a local convenience store--one on every corner.  I just wonder what this sign on the wall in their parking lot says.  
 Rebekah caught this large crab at the beach a couple weeks ago. 
 Piper had a great time playing with it! 

Me and my brown dog in my mostly-brown living room.  

Beach day this week at Onna beach, which has an awesome cave full of tide pools and beautiful fish.  An amazing setting!