Rebekah gets Yellow Belt!

Rebekah began taking Karate lessons about two months ago.  In Karate all students must start on the same level, no matter their age.  So she has been dutifully learning this new sport and art along with children her own age, as well as children much younger than she is.  She goes to the Dojo twice a week (now she rides her bike there on her own from home) and her SenSeis are a wonderful couple who run their own place.  The husband is a 9th Degree Black Belt (he would be a 10th, but is not allowed because he is an American and that honor may only be bestowed on Japanese) and the wife is a Japanese Black Belt herself.  They are a great team and Rebekah really enjoys going--not only that but she is very skilled and has garnered the attention of many onlookers, as she seems to be a "natural."  The pictures below are from the day she tested in front of her whole class to move up from a white belt to a yellow belt.