A few pre-Christmas photos

Below are a few sweet photos of my girls before Christmas.  I have several videos to upload too, but have run into some speed bumps.  My amazing IT guy (also an amazing husband) is going to try to help me with those issues soon.  For now, these photos will have to suffice.  In addition, we had a wonderful Christmas here at the Harbor and I will load those photos within the next couple days. In these photos, the girls are wearing Christmas dresses from Grammie (Mark's mom).  She has given them beautiful dresses every year since Zoe was born!  I really like the bright colors this year.  We took these photos on our way out to a formal mother-daughter tea.

I love Abby Graces's cute, toothless smile.
Rebekah looks stunning in black.
Hannah has a hard time posing, but is so adorable that she's edible.
Zoe looks very pretty in purple.
I'm a blessed momma!
Fancy tea time!
Rebekah and her closest girlfriends in Okinawa.
This last photo was taken after their piano recital.  All four girls played beautifully!  I can't wait to share the videos ASAP.
More soon!