Still not on Facebook

A blogger I faithfully read is writing an article on the impact of Facebook on moms.  She feels that FB is a blessing to moms for many reasons and was asking for feedback for her piece.  This is what I shared with her:

"I am unusual, in that I am not on Facebook.  I think I am the only person I know, other than my grandma, who isn't.  I have come close to joining many times, but have always held out for three reasons:

1.  I'm worried about wasting time (I homeschool and am in full-time ministry, so I can't afford to!).
2.  I'm concerned that I'll become more narcissistic (eager to check my wall often to see what people think of what I posted about myself).
3.  I'm worried that I'll become more concerned about the relationships I have online than I am about the relationships sitting right in front of me."

I realize that I may very well eat my words one day (soon?) and sign up for FB too.  I am often tempted to sign up because I love to stay in touch with friends and family.  But for now, I'm sticking my ground.