The dentist and sushi

Our family went to the dentist last week and we all had our teeth cleaned.  In a country with an average birth rate of 1.4 children per woman, whenever our family of six does something all at one time, we get lots of stares, gasps, and giggles.  In fact it usually takes me three or four phone calls to schedule such appointments because the person on the other end rarely believes that I truly want to bring six people in at one time.  They often say, "Huh?  What did you say, Mrs. Ossman?  Six? Roku?  Roku people?  Together?  Wow.  I do not know..."

After we were all pearly white, we went to sushi-go-round to celebrate.  For those of you who live in the States, these photos will be fun.

Hannah's ready

This says, "Let's Brushing!  I am a tooth brush."

At a brand new sushi-go-round.  You order by touching the screen (thankfully there are pictures because we can't read it).

You can see to the left of Zoe there are two levels of conveyor belts.  On the bottom, there are dishes that constantly travel around the restaurant and you just grab one if you want it. 

Instant hot water for green tea at every table. 

The upper conveyor belt brings you the specific item you ordered on a tray that looks like a train being driven by a rubber duck.  The red light shines, you grab your food, push a button, and off goes the train back to the sushi chef to be loaded with more food for the next customer.

At the end, the waitress in a kimono comes around with this big calculator and counts your plates.  She types up a bill right on that thing and then prints it out of a printer located on her belt above her rear.  Seriously. Very high tech.