Sidetracked by Cupcakes

This Saturday we will be hosting a massive cupcake sale on Camp Foster here in Okinawa.  Our homeschool co-op on island is supporting The Cupcake Kids, which in turn supports Sixty Feet.

Sixty Feet is a ministry that brings hope to imprisoned children in Uganda.  Yes, imprisoned.  Yes, children.  Visit the website so you can understand more of the story.

The Cupcake Kids are little kids with big hearts for God who literally have cupcake sales (like lemonade stands) to raise money to free children from prison in Uganda.

The Cupcake Kids have gone global and we are having one of our own sales here in Okinawa--a bunch of homeschool families with daddies in the military, baking cupcakes in Jesus name.  I love it.

Check out the websites for Sixty Feet and The Cupcake Kids and have your own sale soon!