Free book giveaway! Best book for married women ever

It's moving weekend here in the Oshman home.  Packing and moving ourselves across continents is no simple task and therefore I failed to blog yesterday--I was just too pooped after all that stuffing, taping, and carrying.  We're actually shipping our stuff tomorrow (well, it's today now, since it's after midnight!), so I'll blog more about that then. 

For tonight, though, I want to offer a free book giveaway!  While packing up my stuff I discovered an extra copy of the book that I have loaned out more than any other book I've ever read.  This book was a God-send to myself and countless women.  I honestly loaned it out close to once a month.  My own copy is tattered, stained, written in, and almost unbound because of the rounds it has made in Okinawa.  It is a real blessing and I strongly urge every married woman I know to get a copy, read it, shelve it, read it, loan it, read it, etc.   It is "Intimate Issue: 21 Questions Christian Woman Ask About Sex." 


The authors spoke at Denver Seminary to the wives' group back when I was a Seminary wife.  They are Godly women who know and revere God's word.  In this book they offer truth about marriage, sex, and all things intimate. 

If you would like a copy and you're married (or engaged), leave me a comment here on the blog or Facebook and tell me your birthday.  Whoever has the closest birthday coming up and leaves a comment within the next 72 hours (before midnight Wednesday night, Denver time) will receive this book for free.  I'll ship it right to you!