Women's March or Abortion Parade?

The Women’s March on Denver is happening this Saturday, just like the Women’s March on Washington.  I am most-assuredly pro-woman and I, too, want to communicate to Donald Trump that I am watching him.  I want him and men throughout the nation to understand that grabbing women and laughing about it is unacceptable.  I find many of the President-Elect’s views to be worrisome, especially as I’m raising four daughters.  For these reasons, I would love to join the march in Denver.

I visited the event’s official Facebook page to get more details and I found their mission statement.  The very first value proclaims the group’s commitment to reproductive health.  It says nothing about the intrinsic value of women—but that, “All women shall maintain the freedom and lawful protection to choose what is best for them as it concerns their biological and reproductive health.” 

Ironically, the second value speaks to the march’s commitment to diverse communities and not being divisive.  The third value speaks to the equitable treatment of all people.  But by the end of the third value, it is cleat that the march is not in fact inclusive of those like me who are both pro-woman and pro-life.  Divisive language against my kind is ok.  Equitable treatment is intended for everyone but those in the pro-woman and pro-life camp. 

To my sisters marching in Denver on Saturday I ask, “Did you realize that the only thing in your mission statement that relates to women, specifically, is about abortion?”  According to recent statistics, half of us women remain pro-life and against abortion.   This appears to be an abortion march in sheep’s clothing, leaving 50% of us decidedly excluded. 

I wasn’t always against abortion.  I wouldn’t have always had a problem with a march like this.  As a high schooler and college student I mindlessly regurgitated the soundbite, “My body, my choice.”  I agreed that the government should stay out of women’s healthcare. 

But as I matured and began to think for myself, the violence of abortion came into clear focus for me: men can have sex with women and then provide for the killing of the baby, so as to avoid any consequences of sex.  And not only that, but we have become convinced that this—THIS—is equality.  Rather than championing women, exalting our bodies and reproductive abilities, and creating a culture that provides for new life, we equate birth with burden and say we can only be equal if we can murder our children.  Women are being used.  

To my friends marching on Saturday, know that 50% of us women believe you are dead wrong.  We would have joined you if this was truly about women.  But we believe that abortion is the utmost offense to women and should be found nowhere near the mission statement of a women’s march.  We believe you have been duped.  The exploitation is breathtaking.   

78.5 million of us say: let us know when you have a real march for women.  We’ll be there.