Můj Král - My King

As we sat in our Czech church this morning listening to a sermon about Jesus' prayer in John 17 (through the help of a translator), our pastor sat down and a short video began to play entitled - "Můj Král - My King". 

I was encouraged by three things from the video.  

  1. First, I understood a lot of the Czech sentences (they were short and simple, but a sign of language progress nonetheless).  
  2. Second, because I recognized the content of the words, I knew them to be words translated from a famous 1976 sermon by S.M. Lockeridge.
  3. Third, I was encouraged once again by how similar my own preaching and philosophy of ministry is to our pastor here.  I too have used this video in sermons as a tool to help us meditate rightly on the supremacy and glory of King Jesus. 

I hope both these videos (in Czech and English) will encourage you as you meditate on Christ Our King this Holy Week: