Project Immanuel

This year for Christmas please consider blessing Jesus and giving a gift to some of His favorite people--the poor, oppressed, widows, and orphans.  It is His birthday, after all, so take time to think about what He would want for His special day.  I heartily endorse Project Immanuel and truly hope my friends and family will give sacrificially to this ministry or one like it.

Project Immanuel is a joint effort between three ministries in Cambodia--all of which I have seen first-hand.  I know the sold-out Christians who run the ministries and I have met some of the very spiritually and physically hungry people they serve.  Cadence (our sending mission) is one of the three ministries in the partnership, along with Stop Slavery (run by the Rathmells), and LightBridge.

Check out and give Jesus a gift for His birthday!