Kill a Pig for Christmas!

I just wanted to share a hilarious conversation with you, which happened today, as the girls and I were walking to the library.

Rebekah: Mom, can we make a cake for Jesus' birthday?

Me: Yes, honey, we always do.  We will tomorrow.

Rebekah:  Oh good.  I want to do that because we never did that in Thailand.

Me:  Well what is something you always did at Christmas in Thailand?

Rebekah: Killed a pig!

Me: Killed a pig?  You mean you guys brought a live pig to Im Jai House and someone killed it?

Rebekah: Yes, a live piglet.  And Rattapong (a house father there) killed it.  We had ribs and pork and mmmm, it is so good every year.

Me:  Wow--those are some different traditions!