Bake a cupcake, set a captive free

Moms with little ones--here is a great chance for you to serve the poor and invest in the Great Commission from your home and with your children--host your own Cupcake Kids sale this spring.  It’s simple: moms and kids and their friends bake cupcakes, sell them at their own cupcake stand, and send the money to help alleviate the suffering of children imprisoned in Uganda.  Read that again--children imprisoned in Uganda.  You bake and literally help to set the young captives free.

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My girls and I did this back in 2012 with a bunch of friends in Okinawa.  It was a blast.  We raised thousands.  The kids baked and sold their hearts out.  People saw our signs and stopped. “Kids in jail?” they shrieked.  “But why?”  We briefly explained the issue (you can learn more here) and told them that if they would purchase just one cupcake they could help us bring freedom to these precious little ones. We sent hundreds of people away from our stand with a new understanding of the plight of children in Uganda and happy bellies full of cupcakes.

So how ‘bout it?  Why not you? You have an oven. You have kids. You have a heart.  You hate that children just like yours are in jail.

Learn more at and  Get your girlfriends and get going.  Don't be shy.  You--yes, you--can do this--on your curb, at your church, at your kid's soccer game.  No excuses. 

Let me know when and where your stand is.  I’ll buy a baker’s dozen.