What's up with Christian Easter cards?

I’ve been out of the country for a long time, so tell me this: is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ so passe that believers in our nation no longer acknowledge it?  Am I missing something?  

Last week I was in a Lifeway Christian Bookstore. I went in search of Easter cards.  The shelves were full of “Spring Blessings” and “Joy in this season of new life” and “Thinking of you this Spring.”  

Incredulous, I had to get a better assessment of the card inventory.  I pulled ALL of the EASTER cards off the shelves and made two piles: those that referenced Jesus rising from the dead and those that didn’t.  Less than a quarter of the cards said anything about the resurrection.  The vast majority had flowers and bunnies and warm wishes for experiencing God’s best for you this spring. Gross. 

The clerk had seen me camped out over there for awhile, so as I was heading towards the door she asked if I was ready.  I blurted out, “No thanks.  I’m really disappointed in your Easter cards.”

She apologized and I continued, “I don’t mean to criticize you personally.  I know you are not responsible for the cards here.  But almost none of them mention Jesus rising from the dead. This is a Christian bookstore!  We are Christians!”  

At this point I was getting heated.  Couldn’t help it.  “THIS IS OUR HOLIDAY.  If we can’t proclaim that a man rose from the dead on this day then who can?  And when can they?”  She suggested I comment on Lifeway’s website.  Oh, I will. 

I’m annoyed that our holiday has been hijacked--and more annoyed that we allowed it.  The Resurrection of the Son of God has been usurped by an egg-pooping bunny and pictures of birds’ nests and tulips.  For some reason, we are not shouting out, “He is Risen!”  Instead, we are gently whispering sweet-spring-nothings to each other. 

Christians, He is Risen Indeed!  Proclaim it!